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“My name is Miguel Runa and I am a professional photographer. My lifestyle, given the nature of my work, calls for casual and comfortable outfits – because I spend a lot of time walking and squatting for the perfect photos. As such, I never I wasted a lot of time choosing clothes and always focused on basics like black t-shirts with black pants. However, I noticed that my way of dressing, especially with the elderly, was too “relaxed” – I started to feel that a lot of people didn’t take me seriously as a professional and they kept thinking that I was “just another kid who takes pictures” and that they tried to take advantage of that. Having said that, I decided to ask André to help me have a “high casual” look – that would allow me to maintain not only a young and dynamic appearance but also professional and respectful. André knows what he talks about and seeks to not only fit the looks you want in your budget but also gives you future advice on which stores to go to and why if go to each store (that is, where we can find the best quality / price). Today I have a better idea of ​​what to look for and where to look, and I have more confidence in my presentation! “

“André was able to help me find exactly what I wanted within the budget. I highly recommend, super attentive, respectful and accessible.”

“I got in touch with André because I needed help to change my wardrobe a little bit. I have a body with curves and it’s hard to find clothes that favor me. André was able to help me find precisely what I wanted within the budget. that I had drawn up at the beginning. I recommend it highly, super attentive, respectful and accessible. “

“The accompaniment was fantastic both inside a store and between stores … In the end, it was a rage.”

“The process was really fantastic, he asked me about all the details that would impact my taste in terms of the shirt and accessories I purchased.
Always giving several options and personal opinion about the current fashion, possible longevity of the material / style and if it would be fine.
The accompaniment was fantastic both inside a store and between stores and seeing the difficulties due to my disproportionate body type in terms of size of standard suits and with some effort we managed to find something within my taste and wallet.
In the end, it accentuated well and made a furor. “

“I contacted André and it was an asset for my wardrobe and my wallet…”

“There was a problem, when I bought clothes, I spent money and quickly regretted the clothes.
I contacted André and it was an asset for my wardrobe and my wallet, with him providing assistance I didn’t spend so much money on clothes that I would use few times on the contrary I still love almost everything I bought when I had André’s help, he showed me that you don’t have to spend a lot to dress well, he taught me where I can spend a little more, but also where to save, André is a natural when it comes to fashion, he is also very friendly and makes us completely at ease .

“I looked for André to give my style a makeover. He helped me a lot to see different styles that suits me very well.
The options he found left me very satisfied and happy.
I will follow the tips and sincere opinions that he gave me, as I felt very comfortable with the choices and the reciprocity that I have been having with my new look. “

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