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Personal Clothing, Accessories & Hair

I help people find their identity in terms of clothing. My service consists in increasing the self-esteem of all my clients and making them the best possible version of themselves. With a course in Fashion and Personal Styling and Barber, what you can expect is a totally transparent professional with you in the whole process.

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  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Total dedication
  • Full monitoring
  • Friendliness and kindness


Personal Stylist

Personal Styling is a service to which a professional in the field of fashion advises you and performs a follow-up and helps in the purchase decisions of your clothing. Detail, details, honesty and dedication are key words for a professional in this field.

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My journey in the fashion world started with my personal blog. If you like my style. Find out my opinion of each outfit I create and the stores I buy from.

"He showed me that it is not necessary to spend a lot to dress well, he taught me where I can spend a little more, but also where to save, André is a natural when it comes to fashion, he is also very friendly and leaves us completely make yourself comfortable."

Vasco Costa

"The accompaniment was fantastic both inside a store and between stores and seeing the difficulties due to my disproportionate body type in terms of the size of standard suits and with some effort we managed to find something within my taste and wallet. In the end the fact accentuated well and made a splash. "

Pedro Marques

"I have a body with curves and it is difficult to find clothes that favor me. André was able to help me find precisely what I wanted within the budget that I had set out at the beginning. I highly recommend, super attentive, respectful and accessible."

Sara Canhoto


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